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A C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners #2
by Jared Devall (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

This is the followup tutorial to "A C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners #1". This article explains Variables!

Basic String Manipulation Tutorial
by Dennis Hall! (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

This will teach very beginners about basic string manipulation (how to make something someone enters do things)

Abstract Data Types (Tutorial)
by Koda (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

This is a tutorial on abstract data types that is designed for complete beginners. I think advance coders may even learn something from this article. If you find any thing that is incorrect, please notify me ASAP. thank you

_Genesis (All you need to know to start programming in C++)_
by Enrico Lorenzo (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

This tutorial contains not 1 not 2 not 3 but 20 well commented and easy to understand codes with different categories like: Array, Colors (textcolor), String Manipulation, Condition (if else), Executing DOS Commands, Displaying Data in .txt Files, Graphics (graphics.h), Random Values, Loops, Special Characters, Positioning (gotoxy), Suspension (delay/sleep) and more. Please vote or submit comments or tell me what more can I add so that I can update this tutorial.

Introduction to the Registry
by Matthew Stride (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

Learn how to use the power of the windows registry with this simple tutorial. Topics covered are an introduction to the regedit tool that comes with windows, reading, writing, creating and deleting registry values and keys and generating a list of all values and data within a registry key.

Stack operation
by juelrana (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

push & pop operation in stack with programing c

Rudimentary UDP with Winsocks
by Ixac (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

The article demonstrates using Winsocks for rudimentary communication with UDP

Fibonacci Numbers(simple)
by fallentdh (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

Understanding the use for equations and being able to use alternative ways around arrays.

MasterConsole/MasterStream Tutorial **UPDATED!** YAY!
by Jeremy McAnally (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

This is to tell everyone I added a small update to the tutorial and to tell you to keep watch on it! I'm going to be adding some EXCLUSIVE examples from Jared in a few days! So watch out!

recursive functions
by Callens Bob (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

Some functions to show the use of recursion in programming. This contains Fibonacci,Towers of Hanoi,Ackermann function

Playing Audio in Windows using waveOut Interface
by David Overton (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

This tutorial will teach you how to use the Windows waveOut multimedia functions. It also explains a little about how audio is stored in the digital form. I hope this tutorial is useful. Full source code is included as is a downloadable version wrapped in an MSVC++ project.

Fighting Memory Leakage
by Johan Malmberg (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

Memory leakage is probably one of the most difficult programming problems to solve. This article tell you why, and how to do it.

a simple windows tutorial
by JohnFN (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

This tutorial is a basic introduction to windows C++ programming. It is pretty basic and you should be able to figure out what is going on pretty easily. If you want to learn about programming windows, check this out. and


Browse for folder with a Quick Pick
by Lars Werner (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

Customized version of the "Browse for folder" dialog. It creates quick picks to your selected directories.

Some String/Memory Functions in C/ASM (not yet commented)
by Poltergeist (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

Some String/Memory Functions in C/ASM (no comments yet) I may submit some comments to when people ask for it. This code is IMO only usefull for who are coding an emulator and need some extra speed, which this code will probably give. Please note that a lot of the ASM code could still be optimized a bit, but that I leave to you ;)

actual cloning of a function
by Andres Tremols (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

Really nifty, A function's bytecode buffer is copied to a "string" and then executed via a function pointer to that string. Shows some basic of dynamic linking, assembly, and C internals.

Huffman Trees for Data Compression
by Pradeep P Chandiramani (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

Data Compression is a one of the most renowned branches of the Computer Science. Over the years, a lot of research has been done in this field to compress data into numerous ways and many standards have been developed. Data Compression can be defined as reducing the amount of storage space required to store given amount of data. Data compression comes with lots of advantages, it saves storage space, bandwidth, cost and TIME required to transmit data from one place to another. In thi ... (see entry for full description)

Make a companion (kinda)
by everlasting (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

Have you ever needed a to hear something from your computer besides that grinding it makes and the humming? MAKE IT TALK!!!

by D/D++ (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

The differences between C++ and Java

Intro to C/C++ Part 8: Array Basics
by Alexander of (from psc cd)
Language: C/C++

This is the eight installment of my lessons, and it is on arrays. Arrays are essentially a way to store many values under the same name. You can make an array out of any data-type, including structures.


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Stack operation
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Language: C/C++

Open USB drives from desktop
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Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Tutorial
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Read: "Avoiding new operator failure" from my new book-> " 0 error(s) - 0 warning(s)"
by ahmed mohamed alaa (from psc cd)
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