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.NET is Microsoft's set of unified programming languages that allow developers to create enterprise-class Web and desktop applications across C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET and C++.NET. It includes a powerful set of libraries called the .NET Framework that makes it easier and faster to program than ever before.

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Winners for code submitted May 2019 as chosen  by your votes!

Audio Player 0.5
Audio Player - plays mp3 files. This is an update to the previous version. Drag and drop support, window position save/load support, context menu support, bug fixes, etc.
Backup Folder v1.0
This is a folder backup program I been working on today to backup my project files. I hope to make this in to a full backup program soon. it shows the total progress of files been copyed and also a propgress state for the main file copy. anyway try it out hope you like it please vote.
INIFile Class 2.0
Hi, This is a class for reading INI files that you may use for config settings for your app or other storage data, it can read strings, selections , selection keys, read Bools and Ints and can also read and write base 64 strings anyway hope you find it usfull Please vote.
Mbps 2 mb
Just a simple project to show how to convert mpbs to megabyte per second. good if you want to see what your internet download speed is. Please vote.
QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator Created with ASP.NET C# Language, You can customize the code based on you needed https://jasajaringan.wordpress.com/2019/04/27/qrcode-generator/ https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TNrGYNral5TKinARrkW23kwFf-LlUUxx